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John Hatanaka ( between Two Trees)

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Be in complete acceptance of every moment and intend what you want

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?John Hatanaka grew up in the Colorado Rockies. Being surrounded by the pristine wilderness from birth, he soon found music was an outlet that would let him share his experiences with many especially his good friends. Eventually his travels led him abroad to Japan where he was able to learn how to share his music to a new diverse audience and also become fully immersed in a new culture, his own Japanese ancestral roots leading him on this path. He has lived in three different locations for the past four years and currently resides in Aspen, Colorado.

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    05:04 - Awake


    04:11 - Bloom Song


    04:30 - Cross Country


    03:14 - Flowers


  • Playing In Iwaki

  • An Artist of Flowers

  • In Sendai near the station



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